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The editorial board of scientifically-practical journal "Economy of Industry" suggests readers to familiarise with brief information about the monograph «Models of reflective management in economy» by DrE, prof. Roman Lepa

Roman Lepa Models of reflective management in economy: monograph / Roma Lepa; NAS of Ukraine, The Institute of the Economy of Industry. - Donetsk, 2012. - 380 p.

The monograph is devoted the justification of the reflective approach to management of economic systems. Teoretiko-methodological aspects of use of reflective processes in economy are researched, preconditions and the basic problems of reflective management are identified. Economic-mathematical models of reflective processes in various spheres of economic activities which allow to minimise subjectivity are offered and to raise efficiency of accepting of administrative decisions.

It is recommended to scientists and specialists, and for post-graduate students who prosecute subjects of management of economic units, and also questions of reflective management.

Summary of publication in Russian (pdf – format) – download


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