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The editorial board of scientifically-practical journal "Economy of Industry" suggests readers to familiarise with the collective monography «The Tax policy: methodology, the theory and practice».

The Tax policy: methodology, the theory and practice: monography / V.P.Vishnevsky, O.V.Vietsky, O.N.Garkushenko, JU.A.Masur, E.V.Sokolovsky, V.D.Chekina; by V.P.Vishnevsky's (general edition) / NAS of Ukraine, The Institute of the Economy of Industry. - Donetsk, 2011. - 528 p.

This monograph summarizes the methodological issues of tax policy, the problem of its formation and implementation in the areas of fixed assets depreciation, real estate, environmental regulation and international trade, based on current theories and practices of taxation, on economic and mathematical modeling of tax relations. The guidelines are established in order to improve the tax policy in Ukraine.

For research workers, teachers, post graduate students, students.

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