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New monograph “Social Security in Ukraine: possibility for Human Development” was prepared by the IT and Scientific Information Department of the Institute of the Economy of Industry. Author: Olga Novikova, DrE, Professor. We propose for our readers to look some information of this book.

O.F. Novikova Social Security in Ukraine: possibility for Human Development: monograph / O.F. Novikova; LAP Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG. - Saarbrucken, 2012. - 172 p.

Requirements of building and providing the Social Security in Ukraine as the prerequisites and conditions for Human Development are substantiated. Theoretical evaluation of the problem, analysis of the Social Security are present. Problems of Human Development, which appear under the influence of threats and risks for People, Region, State were estimated. Features of Social Security, problems of state and regional governance were identified. Author`s Methodology of Estimating the Social Risks in the regions of Ukraine that connects sociological and statistical data was developed. This Methodology can be used in any country that wants to develop Human Potential and strengthening the Social Security.

Summary of publication in Russian (pdf – format) – download.

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